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Go out with the baby, how to be able to spare their own hands is a lot of parents' wishes, therefore,[url=http://www.recruitexpress.com.au/staging/ergobabycarrier.html]baby carrier[/url], became the youngest baby sling tidal wave of mom dad are choices.
Baby sling convenient and practical, however, many parents worry that children are too small to fit a baby carrier, the use of what needs attention?
Shenyang Children's Hospital child protection master Ren Wenjiang Ge pointed out that although the use of child strap can "liberate" the hands of their parents, but can not use when the child is too small. Generally, the child four months later, the spine can be very up only when you can use this strap, or word within the child's head, nose and mouth causing suffocation easy.
Baby carrier on the market more and more types, features and more complete, such as including lateral Hengbao, back style, facing the front and face-type and other tourist-style, a lot of straps with a fixed shelf, and some also take into account the rain sun protection function. However, although the practical strap, but do not use too long, because the baby's weight is not light, long time will make the mother carrying a shoulder soreness. Therefore, it is best not more than two hours.
Parents need to be reminded to purchase solid degree strap first thing to note, a hardwearing is the primary condition. Second, look at pins, all pins must be meticulous, and stress points in the interface, you need to double insurance lines.
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